DuckDive GmbH


360 degree view

DuckDive strives to look at your situation a little deeper and offer services and assets to turn your business around


Brand roadmapping

Vision, purpose and the brand idea

Every brand needs a Brand Roadmap that includes a vision, a purpose and the brand idea. Issues need to be defined along with a strategies and tactics action plan for consistency and growth across all channels and touch points.

Brand Management

Strategies to build credibility

Brand Management encompasses developing marketing strategies and campaigns to maintain consistency across all media channels, monitoring and adjusting campaigns and activities, defining budgets and managing teams, clients and events.

Storytelling (SOI)

Social Organic Influence

Brand Storytelling brings your Brand Roadmap to life. It provides an intimate glimpse into a brand’s culture & character and what it does to deliver and fulfil its brand vision. It’s an outlet for a Brand to build real human connections.

Digital & Physical Assets

Plan, design, build and launch

Mobile and Online Apps, short films and stories or offline print collateral with online connectivity. DuckDive together with its trusted external resources, has the capacity to tackle small and large projects of all types.