An abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favourable situation.

G’Day I’m Chris!

Turnaround concepts usually come when looking for a creative solution to a taxing problem. I come from a graphic design and programming background but have enjoyed playing with 2D and 3D animation, documentaries, photography and app concepts/design. Currently I have the mandate as CEO for Rentaski AG (swissrent).

I have a great team of external experts helping support me in copywriting, social media, branding, photography, app programming & IT.

I am based in Malans, Switzerland where I work and live with my wife and four children. You may catch me running in and around the Alps in my spare time. Otherwise find me here!


App Design & Programmierung

Vom Konzept bis zum «Launch»

App Design & Programming

From concept to launch

Brand Fitness

A custom workout for your brand

Content Creation & Copywriting

Context is king!


Visuelle Problemlösung

Graphic Design

Visual problem solving

Inhaltserstellung & Werbetexten

Kontext ist König!

Marke Fitness

Ein individuelles Training für Ihre Marke


Storytelling through images


Goal oriented activities


Zielorientierte Aktivitäten


On-Page organic-ness


«On-Page» Bio-Ness

Social Media

Finding & engaging your audience

sozialen Medien

Finden und engagieren Ihr Publikum